ACTIVZ is pleased to announce the new ACTIVZ Car Club Program as part of our very competitive Compensation Plan. Starting at the rank of A12, Distributors are eligible to receive a monthly cash bonus toward the lease or purchase of a new-to-you car. This is a special bonus created to help you build your ACTIVZ business. We know you're excited. We are excited for you!

The ACTIVZ Car Club is an incentive reward program offered to distributors who achieve and maintain the position of A12, A13, A14, A15, or A16 in the ACTIVZ Compensation Plan. Distributors who qualify for this program will receive a monthly bonus that corresponds to their qualifying rank, provided that each such distributor acquires a car that, within the terms and conditions of the ACTIVZ Car Club program, complies with the brand, color and year, by either lease or purchase, and properly documents and communicates to ACTIVZ the requisite information relative to the lease or purchase of the vehicle. The ACTIVZ Car Club is designed to reward distributors for their continued efforts with a luxury car that also serves as a great tool for promoting the ACTIVZ brand. Launching in January 2020, those distributors that are paid-as A12 or above for two consecutive months will qualify for club membership. Those distributors that qualify during the months of January and February 2020 will be the founding members of the ACTIVZ Car Club and will start to be paid the corresponding monthly bonus by March 15, 2020.

Starting with the rank of A12, you can earn the following rewards each month as you qualify and maintain your paid-as A12 or above rank. You must maintain a paid-as rank of A12 or above to receive the reward that corresponds to each qualifying rank. If you drop below the minimum threshold of paid-as A12 during any month, no reward will be issued for that month. However, once you have qualified for membership in the ACTIVZ Car Club, you do not need to requalify for membership. If you have fallen below the minimum threshold paid-as A12 rank, you can restore the rewards by regaining a qualifying paid-as rank during any subsequent month. This reward must be used to pay for a new (to you) car. You have the option of either leasing or purchasing a vehicle, but no payment will be issued without approval of a new (to you) car purchase or lease.


  • Purchasing your car will make you eligible for the ACTIVZ Car Club monthly bonus provided you hit and maintain the rank of A12 or above as outlined in this document, and provided you maintain ownership of the vehicle.
  • Leases will make you eligible for the ACTIVZ Car Club monthly bonus only for the length of your lease. There is no minimum or maximum leasing period required. However, if your lease expires and you do not purchase your car or lease/purchase another qualifying car, you will no longer be eligible for the ACTIVZ Car Club monthly bonus.


  • A12 - monthly bonus of $500
  • A13 - monthly bonus of $600
  • A14 - monthly bonus of $700
  • A15 - monthly bonus of $800
  • A16 - monthly bonus of $1,000

Terms and Conditions:

Qualifying cars are as follows:

  • Any model from any of the brands below provided that the car is: − 5 years old or newer – Black, Grey, Silver or Orange exterior color − ACTIVZ branded
  • Suggested Models: − BMW − Audi − Mercedes-Benz − Tesla − Lexus − Porsche − Cadillac − Lincoln − Land Rover − Infiniti − Jaguar.
  • Special exceptions

Marketing & Testimonies:

Once you receive your car, we need you to provide a picture and testimony so that we may feature you in upcoming ACTIVZ print, web and marketing pieces. Please provide the following.

  • Digital picture of you with your car
  • Short testimony about how it feels to get your new car
  • Name, position, city, state #ACTIVZ Also be sure to post your pictures and videos on Social Media to share within the ACTIVZ community
  • Please place Your ACTIVZ car decal on the rear or side window of your new vehicle

Credit & Financial Responsibility:

The decision to acquire a new or used vehicle is solely the responsibility of the distributor in consultation with his/her dealer or lessor. Any contract signed by the distributor is exclusively between said distributor and his/her seller/dealer. ACTIVZ will not guarantee any purchase or lease payments and will not make any representations with respect to a distributor’s ability to finance said vehicle.


  • Title or Deed in your name
  • Updated Registration in your name
  • Recent photograph of you with your car

The contract you execute will be between you and the seller/dealership. ACTIVZ’ obligation is to award your monthly bonuses to you based on program rules, when you take delivery of your car and sign and return the attached signature page, fully executed. ACTIVZ will not offer advice to you regarding your ability to comply with the terms and conditions of any lease or purchase agreement. This agreement is strictly between you and the seller/lessor. ACTIVZ urges you NOT to enter a lease or purchase agreement with which you are not fully comfortable, financially or otherwise. We want you and your family to be completely prepared for the responsibility of the care and payments required before entering any such agreement.

Please click here for full terms and agreements