• Silic, Rita,Silic, Rita
  • Health is a human right and our mission is to provide the healthiest solutions to life’s challenges.

    Rita Silic

    Silic, Rita,Silic, Rita

    Email: mylivinghealth@att.net

    Phone: 417-619-4322

    Activz ID: 1009281

    My Story

    I am the owner of Reflexology by Rita which offers family friendly products and services in the field of Health and Wellness. It is my pleasure to offer the Activz brands of products and supplements which mirrors my mission statement. Only tried and true, science validated products will ever be acceptable as suggestion to my clients.


    Don’t live a life inflamed.

    Supports A Healthy Inflammatory Response

    Reduces Minor Aches And Pains

    Supports Joint Mobility

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    Cellular Jet Fuel

    Increases Metabolism

    Improves Brain Function

    Improves “2nd Brain” (gut) Function

    Regulates the Immune System

    Benefits the Skin

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    Be Beautiful, Be You

    Exfoliates and purifies skin while preparing it to deeply absorb Essence Toner and Rejuvenating Serum

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    Moisturizes and tones skin while refining the look of pores, leaving skin texture feeling smooth

    Learn More About Essence Toner

    Plumps and brightens skin leaving it feeling dewy, moisturized and refreshed

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    We have created a culture of inclusiveness, unity, and commitment to quality and ethics. And with those values, we are building a healthy, fun, robust organization that will stand the test of time.